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The Cost of Convenience Store Crimes In 2019

By June 3, 2020June 19th, 2020No Comments

Did you know that in 2019 the total cost of convenience store crimes and theft came in at £246 million in the UK alone? 79% of these thefts of convenience stores were by repeat offenders.

Many retail stores think that business security is too expensive for them, or an unnecessary cost. However, business security solutions can often cost less than you imagine. Here at Jensen Security we create tailor-made business security solutions to suit your individual needs and budget. You’ll also find that the better secured your convenience store is, the less thefts you will have in your store.

So what is the cost of UK convenience store crimes in the UK?

The average loss due to store crime adds up to around £5,300 per convenience store in the UK. This adds up to around 7p per transaction for every consumer. So what is the average cost a convenience store spends on crime prevention and security? Research by FaceWatch reports the average amount spent by a convenience store is £4,080 per year.

For some convenience stores these security and crime prevention costs are too high. For others, the costs are too low and the money is wasted as a little more security could be just what is needed to reduce the crime to their business. This is why we offer a free business security review. We will look at the security for your business and how it can be changed, updated or improved to better protect your business and your employees.

Worryingly there were over 10,000 incidents of violence or abuse against staff within a convenience store in the UK during 2019. 83% of all people that work in a convenience store, according to research by FaceWatch have experienced some form of violence or abuse while at work in the convenience store. 68% of these incidents have involved knives, held, or used, by the criminal.

By improving your business security you will be protecting your employees. They are there for you, are you there for them?