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Fire Safety

The Importance Of Fire Doors

By November 12, 2023November 29th, 2023No Comments

The Importance Of Fire Doors

The importance of fire doors in protecting a building and those within it really can’t be emphasised enough. They play such an essential role in the fire safety strategy of a premises. We all know that in the event of a fire the main objective is to get people out safely and protect the property. This is what fire doors can help you achieve.

Fire doors are strategically placed in schools, hotels, offices and similar commercial settings. This is done to create compartments within the premises that are fire resistant. The placement of these fire doors will help prevent the fire from spreading. In turn, it will give those within the building more time to safely escape from the building.

There is an importance of fire doors in industrial facilities too. It is more common for industrial premises to have higher fire risks. This is due to the hazardous materials used and the processes that are regularly encountered within the industrial sector. It is recommended that fire doors with a high fire rating are used in industrial facilities.

Fire doors with ratings such as FD90 or FD120 are commonly used within industrial premises. This is done to provide extended protection for those needing to exit the building. It also allows more time for the emergency services to arrive and safely gain access to the building.

While fire doors are extremely important, the monitoring and maintenance of fire doors is very important too. As with all things, over time they will gain wear and tear. However, this wear and tear can cause the fire doors not to work as well as they need to.

It is important that regular inspections and maintenance are completed on your fire doors. This will ensure continued effectiveness and protection. Through regular fire door maintenance and inspections, a service that our experienced fire door engineers can offer, your fire doors will remain fully functional. They will also comply with all legal and safety standards.

Still unsure of the importance of fire doors? Call our fire door installation team now to find out more. They’ll be happy to give examples of fire door fails as well as offer advice or guidance.