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The Need For Emergency Lighting In Housing Association Properties

By June 20, 2023No Comments

The Need For Emergency Lighting In Housing Association Properties

In the aftermath of Grenfell, there has been a real focus on housing associations re-evaluating the safety of their properties. This has included looking at high rise properties and multi-tenancy properties and their safety in case of a fire emergency. While many housing associations have been looking at the cladding as a major priority, the safe evacuation from a building needs to be considered too. This is where emergency lighting in housing associations comes into its own.

There is a real need for better lighting and emergency lighting in housing associations. Emergency lighting is essential is housing association properties because it enables occupants of high-rise properties to get out quickly and safely. In addition, emergency lighting will help emergency services rescue anyone that can’t get into the building and make it easier for them to get around the building.

The evacuation of a multi-storey building via multiple staircases can be dangerous. This is even more so the case with poor lighting. Lack of good emergency lighting in stairwells can lead to people tripping or falling, bumping into each other and slowing down the foot traffic on the route of escape. Fully effective emergency lighting in housing association properties will minimise further to risk to those within the building.

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we fully understand how much of a challenge it can be for local authorities and housing associations to ensure emergency lighting is in good working order across their properties. This is where our experienced emergency lighting engineers can help. They can install, manage and maintain your emergency lighting for you. Regular emergency lighting tests will be completed too. This will give you and your residents the peace of mind. You will all know that the emergency lighting within your housing association property is in good working order. You’ll have that confidence in case of an emergency.

We know that housing associations are under increasing pressure to make their buildings more energy efficient. LED emergency lighting can help with that. We can install LED emergency lighting for you or upgrade your existing emergency lighting to LED emergency lighting. This means that 80% less energy will be used to power the LED emergency lighting, compared to traditional emergency lighting. In turn, this means CO2 emissions are cut and money is saved on energy bills too.

Contact our housing association emergency lighting specialists now to book a review of your emergency lighting.