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The Qualities That Attract Burglars To A Business

By January 29, 2020February 3rd, 2020No Comments

The Qualities That Attract Burglars To A Business

There are three main qualities that make a business really attractive to burglars. You may find, that after reading this blog post, that your business has the qualities that attract burglars. If that is the case then you may want a chat with our business security team to help improve your business security.

Research shows us that almost a third of all burglaries in 2017 were on businesses. While security is essential and even obvious for some businesses, such as a jewellery store for example, other businesses need for security may be less obvious.

Below we have listed the top three qualities that attract burglars. We have done this by looking at the business types that are most commonly targeted by burglars in the UK.

Businesses with Valuables

Businesses that sell products of a known value are extremely attractive to burglars. These businesses could be retail shops that sell medicines and drugs, alcohol or jewellery for example. This could also be a factory that distributes electronic items or smart phones, as another example. A thief will break into a business like this, steal multiple items quickly and then sell them on to make a nice profit.

Business with Cash

The one thing easier than stealing items and selling them on, is stealing the cash. A cash heavy business such as a pawn shop, a betting shop or a bank is attractive businesses to burglars. This is because the business is likely to have lots of cash to hand and therefore has what the thief needs quickly.

Businesses with Late Hours

Businesses such as petrol stations, village convenience stores and bars or clubs are an attractive target to criminals too. Thieves prefer to work under the cover of darkness. Having a business that is open late hours is ideal for a potential thief. It is likely that less people will be around and there is also likely to be less staff members working too.

If you think your business has qualities that attract burglars, call us now. Our business security team can help you improve your business security.