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Top Tips For Buying A Burglar Alarm

By December 2, 2022December 13th, 2022No Comments

Top Tips For Buying A Burglar Alarm

When it comes to stepping up your security, buying a burglar alarm will be one of the most important tasks you have to undertake. A burglar alarm is a great piece of technology. Research shows that just the sight of a burglar alarm on a home can be enough to put an opportunistic thief off. It will also help protect your home if a break-in was to take place.

It is important that you and your family feel safe and secure in your home. This is what buying the right burglar alarm for your home can achieve. In fact, research by Which magazine showed that 89% of their readers have a burglar alarm. The most popular reason for buying a burglar alarm, based on the research, was because it made the family feel secure. Further to this, home owners felt their homes were protected when they went away, and they knew it was a deterrent for burglars too.

You will find that there is a wide choice of burglar alarms that you will be faced with when buying an alarm. This is why we have put together some tips to help you purchase the right burglar alarm for your home, your family and your needs.

There are a few main types of burglar alarms. You can then choose for these to be wired or wireless. The most basic burglar alarm is bells only. This is the one that goes off when a break-in has occurred. Nobody is contacted, but the burglar and neighbour will be aware the alarm is going off from the sound emitted.

There is also a dialler burglar alarm. This alarm will automatically call your chosen number if the alarm is activated. You will then be able to contact the police or return home if required. There is also a monitored alarm. This will be monitored by a company who can then call chosen contacts or the police if required, when the alarm is activated.

The most modern type of burglar alarm is the smart-home security systems. This will alert you through your smart device and an app if the alarm is triggered. You can then control the alarm from wherever you are or arrange for a company to monitor the alarm for you.

While a burglar alarm is an effective way of securing your home, you need to consider the overall safety of your home too. This will help you choose the level of alarm you need to purchase too. For example, think about how secure your windows and doors are. Do you have security lighting that can deter potential thieves? How is your property surrounded? Do you have high walls, fences and gates for example? These things will all effect the safety of your home and the burglar alarm that will best suit your home.

Think about the features you will need for your burglar alarm too. If you have pets for example, you will want a system with pet-friendly sensors. This will avoid your pets triggering the alarm when they’re in your home. You can have burglar alarms that work in different parts of the home or in selected rooms for example.

When you are considering buying a burglar alarm for your home, you need to speak to the home security experts. We will visit your home and recommend the best burglar alarm for you, your home and your family. Call us now to find out more.