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Top Winter Home Security Tips

By December 12, 2023December 31st, 2023No Comments

Top Winter Home Security Tips

The cold and dark winter months aren’t a favourite for many. However, they are a favourite of criminals. The winter weather increases the risk of break-ins at home. This is because the weather is colder, and the nights are darker. Criminals can work under the cover of darkness, breaking into homes while neighbours’ curtains are firmly drawn. In this blog post we share some top winter home security tips to help you protect your home.

Coming home to find your house has been entered illegally by criminals is extremely stressful. Not only is it a financial loss. It is the lasting emotional impact of people having been in your home. Research shows that 35% of people that have been victims of a home break-in have experienced stress and anxiety. 11% of homeowners that have had a break-in at home no longer feel able to be in their home alone.

Our top winter home security tips start with visible security. While having CCTV surveillance cameras, intruder alarms and security lighting will all help secure your home – they do more than that. Having them so potential intruders can see them can often be enough of a deterrent to protect your home from a possible break-in. Criminals don’t want to be seen or caught. If they see that you have security measures in place, they will look for an easier target.

We have some top winter home security tips to further secure and protect your home. These tips will not only help you protect your home, but also your belongings, yourself and your family.

One tip is to always double check that doors and windows are locked when you leave your home as well as when you go to bed at night. Having time-switch lights is a good idea too. This way, a light can go on even if you are not home. These time-switch lights give the impression of people being home, even if the home is empty.

Think about the access points to your home. How well lit are these? As we have said, criminals like to work under the cover of darkness. Well-lit entry points or motion sensor lights in these areas can work as excellent deterrents.

It’s important to check that all your external home security measures are in good working order and weather resistant too. Can your CCTV cameras still record in the rain or the dark of night? Do the intruder alarms still work, or have they been damaged by strong winds? Take the time to cut back shrubs and bushes that could be preventing a clear view of your property for your CCTV surveillance too.

A monitored alarm system for your home or surrounding boundaries of your home is excellent for extra security too. This way you will know if someone tries to gain access and where from. When the alert is triggered, you can view the footage. At this point, you can call the police or turn the alarm off and let the unexpected visitor arrive.

Need help securing your home this winter? Call our home security professional engineers now.