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Waking Watch Replacement Fund FAQ: Are You Eligible?

By January 29, 2022January 31st, 2022No Comments

Waking Watch Replacement Fund FAQ: Are You Eligible?

Have you seen the news of the waking watch replacement fund introduced by the government. Are you left wondering; are you eligible? It’s an understandable question. After all, the government have explained all the benefits. They’ve also explained how it will make leaseholders at least £160 better off each month. But you are still wondering if you are eligible.

To be eligible for the waking watch replacement fund you need to be in the private sector, your building has been found to have unsafe cladding or fireproof system and the leaseholders in your building have been saddled with the huge costs of Waking Watch as an intermediary fire safety solution for the building.

If you have answered yes to these points, then you are eligible for the waking watch replacement fund.

It is provided on an application basis. Further to this, it is first come and first serve. While the funding pot has £27 million in it, when it’s gone, it really is gone. Even if you are eligible, you need to get in quickly to secure your funding.

The idea of the funding is to encourage the many, many buildings that still rely on and depend upon the Waking Watch as their fire safety solution. Meanwhile, the cladding and fireproofing is still being resolved.

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Safety we would urge all persons responsible for fire safety in residential blocks to have a fire risk assessment. If you haven’t reached out to a professional and experienced fire alarm installation company, like us, we urge you to do this too. We can then put a quote together for you so you know what you may need to consider with a fire alarm and the costs to compare to other fire alarm installers.

If you would like some free support to complete your waking watch replacement fund application, call us now. Our team are very experienced in helping our clients claim relevant funding. We will happily help complete your funding application with you or help you over any potential stumbling blocks.

As the building owner you will need to discuss this with your residents and leaseholders. If you have already had these important conversations when the funding application is approved, it will mean you get started much sooner. We can get your fire alarm in. Meanwhile, you can get your Waking Watch out to start saving money!