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Warehouses Are Easy Targets For Fuel Theft

By January 3, 2023No Comments

Warehouses Are Easy Targets For Fuel Theft

We have seen the price hike of fuel in recent months. That, alongside the cost-of-living crisis had led to a lot more potential criminals as people look for new ways to make ends meet. This has rung alarm bells for warehouses and logistics facilities that are often seen as easy targets for fuel theft.

Many warehouses and logistics facilities have seen their budgets in diesel fuel more than double in a very short space of time. For some companies, increases of millions of pounds have been seen. However, further to this, fuel thefts have increased too. Warehouses and logistics facilities are seen as an easy target for fuel theft, and these crimes have rapidly increased.

Police across the UK have reported that there has been 89% rise in fuel thefts since the beginning of 2022. They also reported that this shows no sign of slowing down. The police have come across warehouses and logistics facilities where they have been targeted multiple times by criminals attempting to steal fuel from the vehicles.

There have been instances where fuel in syphoned from trucks and lorries. However, we have also heard of cases where an operator’s entire supply of diesel has been stolen from right inside the factory during the night or weekends when the factory is empty.

Think about how this would affect your business? Of course, it would affect your bottom line as the fuel is still needed for lorries, trucks and machinery. However, it’s likely to affect your business in other ways too. Think about the inconvenience. How will you get fuel to your vehicles so they can start work each day? You’ll need to contact customers to apologise for the delay too. The police will need to be called, and the insurance company informed too.

It’s a lot to do and an extremely painful and stressful process to complete, especially if the theft of fuel takes place on more than one occasion.

Is your warehouse an easy target for fuel theft? Do you have intruder alarms, access control systems and CCTV surveillance cameras in place? Our warehouse security specialists can visit your warehouse and review your existing security measures. They can then make recommendations where possible to further improve your level of security. This will help to stop you being an easy target for fuel theft.

Our security review is offered completely free of charge. We will then give you a free, no obligation quote on how much work will cost if you would like to follow our recommendations and better improve the security of your warehouse.