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What Are Dome CCTV Surveillance Cameras?

By February 5, 2024No Comments

What Are Dome CCTV Surveillance Cameras?

CCTV security cameras are great ways of protecting and securing your business, when staff are present and when they are not. Criminals want to thieve under the cover of darkness and not be seen or caught. This makes CCTV cameras a huge deterrent and will make criminals inclined to look for an ‘easier target’. There are three main types of surveillance cameras – dome, bullet and PTZ. In this blog post we look at dome CCTV surveillance cameras and how they could help to protect your business.

Dome CCTV surveillance cameras got their name from their shape. The camera is enclosed with a dome-shaped housing. You will find that dome CCTV cameras are often used indoors. Based on their shape, they are often installed on the ceiling too. This enables the CCTV camera to have a view of the whole area.

One of the great things about a dome surveillance camera is that you can’t often tell which direction it is pointing. This means that a thief or intruder will not be able to easily find the ‘black spot’ where they can go unrecorded and unnoticed. Dome cameras are often used in retail outlets and shops, warehouses and CCTV for the reasons stated above, full view monitoring and unknown recording area.

If you don’t want the CCTV surveillance cameras to be very visible, then this camera is ideal for you. The dome CCTV camera has a sleek and smooth design meaning that it can go unseen. It also blends well into the surroundings and can look like additional lighting on a retail shop ceiling.

Unlike the bullet CCTV camera, the dome CCTV security camera cannot be easily tampered with. This is because all the components are housed within the dome. In turn, this makes it very hard for a criminal to reposition the camera. It also makes it has for any of the camera’s components to be damaged too.

Want to know what a dome CCTV surveillance camera could do to protect your business? Call our business security team now.