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What Burglars Say Deter Them

By March 18, 2020March 25th, 2020No Comments

Having CCTV cameras surrounding your property, high fences so nobody can get in, turning lights on when you’re out and having a sign up saying ‘beware of the dog’ is all well and good, but is it deterring the burglar?

Recent research was done that looked at what security measures at a home are really effective as a deterrent for potential thieves. The research body spoke to 25 burglars in the UK and this is what they had to say about home security deterrents;

26% of burglars are deterred from breaking into a home if the property has movement-activated security lights. These are lights that are switched on when somebody goes near the property. This puts the potential thief in a circle of light while alerting neighbours, the homeowner or those passing by.

22% of burglars stated that they are deterred from breaking into a property if they see a CCTV camera. This is why clear, bright or visible CCTV cameras are a highly recommended deterrent for potential thieves. Hidden CCTV cameras are also highly recommended especially if the burglar sees one camera and covers it so they ‘think’ they can break in easily.

15% of burglars felt that a dog barking was a huge deterrent for them. Hearing the barking of a dog as they walk past the home or attempt to force entry was often enough to leave them running away and finding another property to burgle.

11% of burglars said that they the most effective deterrent was a burglar alarm on a home. As you walk round your local neighbourhood you may notice visible alarm boxes. These alert potential thieves that there is a burglar alarm or intruder alarm on the property. This makes them aware that this is not an easy property to break in to.

These are just the most popular things that burglars say deter them from entering a property. How much are your deterring potential thieves from your property?