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What Could A Bullet CCTV Security Camera Do For Your Business?

By January 20, 2024January 23rd, 2024No Comments

What Could A Bullet CCTV Security Camera Do For Your Business?

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Safety we support a lot of different businesses with their security requirements. Our CCTV specialists take the time to understand the security needs of the business. Based on this, they recommend the best security systems to protect the business. CCTV security cameras are a popular way of protecting businesses. There are three main types of CCTV security cameras. These include bullet CCTV security cameras, dome CCTV cameras and PTZ security cameras.

In this blog post we look at the key features of the bullet CCTV security camera and the security and surveillance needs it best suits. Each CCTV camera system has its own key features. Below we look at how the key features of this CCTV camera could help your business.

Bullet CCTV cameras get their name from their shape. The camera is shaped like a bullet. This shape makes it an ideal surveillance camera for outside on walls and cladding. It can then be aimed towards the area you want monitored. The aiming is similar to the way you would aim a gun, for example. The bullet camera can then focus clearly on your chosen specific area.

You will find that bullet surveillance cameras often come with Infrared or LED lighting. This means that footage can be recorded 24 hours a day, even in complete darkness. The bullet camera can protect your business throughout the day and night. You will also be able to view the clear and high-quality footage from these times with ease.

This type of CCTV surveillance camera can vary in size. Very often the small bullet CCTV cameras will be used for domestic installations. Meanwhile, the larger bullet cameras will be equipped with more powerful LED lighting and infrared. They will also have varifocal lens. This means that the surveillance camera is able to capture an area in more detail. Bullet cameras are often used in petrol stations. We also install them in a wide variety of commercial properties where CCTV surveillance is required.

If you are considering installing or upgrading your CCTV system to protect your business, call our team now. We will happily recommend the best CCTV surveillance system to protect your business.