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What Is CCTV Monitoring?

By December 30, 2020No Comments

What Is CCTV Monitoring?

Some people think that CCTV monitoring is just the cost of paying for a security guard that will sit at home and watch your CCTV. It’s often, and mistakenly thought of as a cheaper option to having a security guard on site watching your CCTV. However, monitoring of your CCTV is so much more than someone sat at home watching your CCTV surveillance.

It’s a common myth that was spread around when CCTV camera monitoring and remote CCTV access first came out. However, it is just that. It is a myth. CCTV monitoring offers so many benefits to your business. CCTV surveillance camera monitoring is used by our clients to conduct a wide range of activities. Some of these activities are as follows;

  • Responding to alarms that have been generated by the security cameras on the business premises.
  • Responding to alarms that have been generated by other systems. These include fire doors and intruder alarms for example. CCTV monitoring enables someone to visually verify what happened and why the alarm sounded.
  • Instead of security guards leaving their post to secure the business, they can run scheduled remote guard tours. This is a virtual version of a security guard patrol and can happen at any time you choose, or within any part of your business premises.
  • Health and safety checks can be completed through CCTV camera monitoring. This can include checks that fire doors are obstructed, or dangerous equipment hasn’t been left turned on or left accessible to unauthorised / untrained members of staff.

These are just some of the ways that our clients use a CCTV monitoring service to protect and secure their business. These activities can be programmed on a schedule for regular checks. They can also be driven by an alarm activation.

Want to know more about CCTV camera monitoring, what it is and how it can work for your business? Call our specialist business security team now. We will happily discuss the benefits of CCTV surveillance monitoring that are unique to your business.