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What Is Fire Proofing Compartmentation In Housing Associations?

By July 15, 2023No Comments

What Is Fire Proofing Compartmentation In Housing Associations?

Effective fire proofing compartmentation is an integral part to any passive fire protection strategy. We believe that fire proofing compartmentation should be incorporated into a housing associations property construction as early as possible. This is because it helps to ensure that a building remains structurally sound in case of a fire.

Fire proofing compartmentation in housing associations is also crucial for compliance with fire protection regulations and industry standards.

In simple terms, fire proofing compartmentation in social housing is the process of dividing a structure into compartments. This is done for effective risk management. Each compartment within the building is then reinforced with fire-resistant materials or with measures such as fire doors or cavity barriers, for example.

Fire proofing compartmentation has the main objection of containing dire within a specific section of a building. It limits the passage of flames and smoke. In turn, this allows residents extra time to safely evacuate the building. In addition to this, the fire proofing compartmentation in housing associations enables fire services to safely and effectively extinguish the fire.

Safety is the paramount importance of fire proofing compartmentation in housing associations. However, there is another common objective of fire proofing compartmentation. It can help to prevent a fire from reaching certain parts of the building. These could be areas that are of a particular value. It could also be parts of the building where hazardous materials are contained. A common example of this is plant rooms or server rooms.

Fire evacuation procedures can vary based on the purpose, size and specific risks of a building. However, the role of the fire proofing compartmentation is the same regardless. It is there to slow down the spread of the fire while protecting the building and those within it.

Need help with the planning and installation of fire proofing compartmentation for your housing association? Call our housing association fire safety specialists now. We will be happy to answer any questions that you might have and we can visit you on site.