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What Is Intelligent Home Security?

By March 15, 2022No Comments

What Is Intelligent Home Security?

Are you looking to add another level of security to your home? Intelligent home security could be the perfect solution for you. It enhances your external defences while keeping you safe inside your home. The camera will act as a deterrent for potential criminals as it is easy to see. Under the cover of darkness, it will still detect and capture any movement outside your home.

Unlike a ring doorbell for example, where every movement triggers the camera, such as a cat, neighbours leaving the house or vehicles driving by – our CCTV cameras use smart video analytics. This is what makes it intelligent home security. You can set rules as to what is picked up by the camera and what isn’t. It is also possible to set virtual trip wires. These will alert the camera when someone steps over the chosen point.

Many homeowners are concerned about burglars after dark. Surely a CCTV camera can’t record as clearly as night time when there is no natural light? Wrong! Through intelligent home security, as dusk falls the night vision kicks in on your camera. This means that any suspicious activity can still be seen and monitored clearly and with ease.

However intelligent home security isn’t just about cameras. You can link them to indoor and outdoor lights too. This means that guests to your home can have a well-lit welcome. Meanwhile unwelcome visitors will be lit up to deter them from criminal activity. Based on the way you set the lights, the outdoor lights also won’t trigger when a cat or fox passes by your property late at night.

The great thing about intelligent home security being connected to indoor lights is that burglars won’t expect it. Burglars are used to standard motion sensor lights outside. They also expect lights to go on and off at pre-set times. However, they won’t expect interior lights to click on as they get close to or pass your home. This can be done whether you are at home or not and it all helps secure your home and deter criminals.

Want to know more about how intelligent home security can protect your home and your family? Call our home security experts. They will happily talk to you about home security tips, sharing advice and guidance to better secure your home.