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What’s Included In A Shop Fire Risk Assessment?

By June 23, 2021No Comments

What’s Included In A Shop Fire Risk Assessment?

Under the Regulatory Reform Order, every business is legally required to undertake a fire risk assessment. Many business owners and shopkeepers think that they can complete this shop fire risk assessment themselves. However, if five or more people are employed within the business, then this fire risk assessment must be kept as a written record, as per government guidelines.

A fire risk assessment will help identify if people are at risk. It will also highlight any hazards in your building and recommend ways that you can reduce the risk of fire in your shop. There is a lot included in a shop fire risk assessment. This is why we recommend a professional fire safety specialist completes it for you.

There is a unique set of elements within a shop that needs to be taken into account when a fire risk assessment is being completed. We have listed some of these things below.

  • Identifying Hazards

There will be lots of source of ignition in a shop. For example, these could include lighters, matches, candles, open gas flames, lighting equipment, arson, cooking equipment and more. There may also be more fire fuels in a shop. This could include clothing displays, waste products, packaging materials, cooking oils, paints and more. Some shops may also have oxygen sources for the fire. Such as oxidising chemicals, oxygen from cylinders or fireworks for example.

  • Identifying People At Risk

It’s important to have fire plans in place for employees that may work alone or are isolated at work. This could include cleaners or security for example. Seasonal workers, temporary staff, customers and visitors need to be considered in your shop fire risk assessment too. Make sure you have a plan in place for those elderly or disabled people who may not be able to leave the shop quickly in case of an emergency. Those nearby your business or with language difficulties will also need to be considered as part of your fire risk assessment in the shop.

  • Evaluate, Remove, Reduce & Protect

When completing a shop fire risk assessment, this is an essential step. You need to replace any potentially dangerous items with safe ones. Flammable items need to be stored appropriately and electrical equipment must be maintained. Adequate fire precautions need to be put in place to reduce the risk to vulnerable people too. This should include fire safety equipment, fire alarms, lighting, notices and more.


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