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When Did You Last Have Your Duct Smoke Alarms Inspected?

By May 26, 2021June 1st, 2021No Comments

When Did You Last Have Your Duct Smoke Alarms Inspected?

For many business owners it’s a case of out of sight and out of mind. However, while duct smoke detectors are not highly visible, they still need to be checked and inspected. Just like the rest of your fire alarm system, all parts of your fire alarm system need to be visually at least twice a year. This can be done by a fire safety professional, or a trained member of your team.

When you are having your duct smoke alarms inspected, the following components need to be looked at;

  • The duct smoke detector needs to be checked to ensure it shows no signs of damage and is still rigidly mounted to the duct as well as being unobstructed.
  • The circuit board needs to be checked to ensure it shows no sign of damage.
  • The control unit needs to be inspected to ensure that any trouble signs are readily visible.
  • All remote annunciators need to be checked to ensure they show no signs of damage and are operating correctly.
  • If you have in-line filters these need to be checked and properly cleaned if so required.
  • All sampling system piping and fittings should appear airtight as well as be permanently and securely fixed.
  • The sampling pipe should be conspicuously identified, and all sample ports should be unobstructed.
  • There should be no penetrations in the vicinity of the duct smoke detectors that could affect the airflow through the duct.

Once a year there should be an inspection and full testing of all fire alarms. This includes duct smoke detectors. The annual inspection and testing must be performed by a qualified fire safety professional. The checks stated above are to ensure the duct smoke alarms are maintained throughout the year.

If your smoke detector system is undergoing any maintenance, it is essential that you inform the proper authorities. While your fire alarm system is undergoing maintenance, it means it will temporarily not be in full working order. You will also need to arrange for the alarm to be disabled in the zone or system where maintenance is taking place. This will help prevent unwanted alarms being activated.

When were your duct smoke alarms last inspected? Do you need a fire alarm system check or upgrade? Call our fire safety specialists now.