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When Do I Need A Foam Fire Extinguisher?

By April 27, 2023No Comments

When Do I Need A Foam Fire Extinguisher?

Do you have or need foam fire extinguishers within your business premises? The foam fire extinguishers are also known as AFFF foam fire extinguishers. Generally speaking, they are used to tackle fires that involve flammable solids or liquids. If you have flammable solids or liquids stored or used in your business premises, then you will need a foam fire extinguisher.

You can identify the type of fire extinguisher by the label on the extinguisher. A foam extinguisher will have a cream-coloured label on the side. Written clearly on this label you will see the word ‘foam’. In addition to this, you will find an ID sign near the extinguisher which will say ‘Foam Extinguisher’.

There are two different ways that foam fire extinguishers work. The foam is a water-based solution. This means that the water will work to lower the temperature of the fire. Secondly, the foam will extinguish the flames of the fire. The foam will create a film that smothers the fire. In turn, this will prevent the fire from reigniting. When it comes to fires created by flammable liquids, the foam and subsequent film will place a barrier between the liquid and the flames.

Foam fire extinguishers will typically be needed in hotels, garages, offices and factories. That said, most building will benefit from having a foam fire extinguisher. This is because a foam extinguisher can be used on Class A fires which involve flammable solids such as paper, wood and textiles. It can also be used on Class B fires which involve flammable liquids such as petrol, diesel and paint.

If you do have a foam fire extinguisher within your business premises, you must not use it on Class F or Class C Fires. Class F fires are cooking fires that involve oil and grease. Meanwhile, a Class C fire is a fire that involves flammable gases.

Are you unsure of the right fire extinguishers for your business premises? Call our fire safety team now. They will be happy to understand more about your premises and business. Based on this, they can recommend the right fire extinguishers for the potential risks and hazards in your business premises.