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Where To Place CCTV Cameras In Your Home

By June 23, 2022No Comments

Where To Place CCTV Cameras In Your Home

Having great quality CCTV cameras is a great start when it comes to securing and protecting your home. However, the location and place the CCTV cameras are installed in and around your home is an important factor in their effectiveness too.

While where your place CCTV cameras in your home will change from one home to the next, there are some universal tips. These will help you protect your home and deter criminals too. Take the time to think about the areas that will be of interest to potential thieves. How will they get to your property? How could they enter your property? It’s important to think about deterring potential thieves with the CCTV cameras, but also recording any illegal or suspicious activity too.

Below we have listed some of the weak areas of your home when it comes to home security. If you can ensure that place CCTV cameras in your home in these areas, or to cover the areas you will better protect your home.

  • Front Door

The majority of all burglars will enter your home through the front door. Research shows a whopping 59% of all burglars entered the property through the front door. To cover this area of your home, we would recommend installing a CCTV surveillance camera on the second floor. This way it will record people at your front door but also be out of the way from being damage, knocked, vandalised or removed.

  • Back And Side Doors

Nearly a third of all burglars (33%) access a home through the back door. A further 7% of burglars will enter the home through a side door. Any entrance to your home should be considered as vulnerable. However, back and side doors are often prone to break-ins as they are concealed from the street or out of sight of neighbours. CCTV cameras that are trained on your doors and access to these doors will act as a deterrent for potential criminals. These cameras will also record a break in if one was to occur.

  • Off Street Windows

According to the police, a burglar will often target a window because they offer easier access to the home than a door. Windows that are round the side of a home or do not face out onto the main street will be even more attractive to potential thieves. This is because a thief can break into a home without being spotted. Unless you have a CCTV camera on that spot of course. In which case, they will definitely be spotted.

  • Garage / Driveway

Think about what you have on your driveway and in your garage. This could include a car, caravan, trailer, motorbike, expensive bicycles, garden equipment and more. Take the time to ensure that you have CCTV cameras installed around your garage and driveway. This will help to protect the items outside your home, as well as inside your home. A well-placed CCTV camera in your home can often be enough to deter a potential criminal.


The most important thing to remember when considering where to place CCTV cameras in your home is there location. They need to deter criminals and record criminal activity. Our home security and CCTV engineers can recommend and install your CCTV cameras in all the right places. If you have any questions, call our team.