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Which Fire Extinguisher Is Needed In A Large Domestic Property?

By August 30, 2023No Comments

Which Fire Extinguisher Is Need In A Large Domestic Property?

In the past, powder fire extinguishers were thought of as the ‘one size fits all’ fire extinguisher for large domestic properties. However, this is no longer the case. In fact, a lot of experts believe that powder fire extinguishers should be used indoors wherever possible. This is because the powder that is discharged can reduce visibility and cause breathing difficulties.

So, what fire extinguishers are suitable for large domestic properties?

Kitchen Fire Extinguishers

When it comes to kitchens there are few different classes of fire that the room is at risk of. For example, combustible solids like paper and wood could result in a Class A fire. Meanwhile, spillages of flammable liquids like oil could result in a Class B Fire. A Class C fire is also possible in the kitchen due gas cookers or gas hobs with flammable gasses. A fire extinguisher for the kitchen is needed to deal with a lot of different types of fire. This is why a water mist extinguisher is recommended as the fire extinguisher for your large domestic property. It can tackle all these classes ands types of fire in your kitchen or home.

Home Office Fire Extinguisher

Do you have a home office that you work from? You may want to consider a large domestic property fire extinguisher for this room too. This is because there are solid combustibles in the office. These include things like sold furniture, carpets and paper. There is also the risk of electrical fires from overheating laptops, computers, heaters and other electrical equipment or potential electrical equipment malfunctions. Again, a water mist fire extinguisher in your large domestic property would be suitable for the home office as it can tackle these types of fires.

Garage Or Shed Fire Extinguisher

There is a risk of Class A, Class B and Class C fires in sheds and garages. This is due to the solids, spilled petrol and potential gasses that could be found and used in these areas. A powder fire extinguisher is the best option for your garage or shed. However, there will be a lot of mess to clear up after discharge. If you store drums or vats of flammable liquids in your garage or shed, we recommend foam or powder extinguishers.


Looking to find the right fire extinguishers for your large domestic property? Call our team now. We can recommend the best fire extinguisher for your needs and install it for you too. In addition, we can book you in for regular fire extinguisher testing and maintenance too. This way you know if a fire breaks out, you can rely on the fire extinguisher in your large domestic property.