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Which Large Domestic Property Intruder Alarm Is Best For Your Home?

By September 15, 2023No Comments

Which Large Domestic Property Intruder Alarm Is Best For Your Home?

Home security, intruder alarms and burglar prevention can appear daunting at first. With so many packages, designs, levels and prices to choose from, it’s hard to know which is the most suitable intruder alarm for your large domestic property. That is why Jensen Security and Fire Systems are here to help. Our large domestic property intrude alarm specialists will help create, design and install the most cost-effective intruder alarm for your home and family.

We can look at wireless house alarms, home panic alarms, intruder alarms that connect to your CCTV, monitored intruder alarms and even pet safe alarms. The options are endless, but we are here to help you every step of the way. Our intruder alarm engineers will take the time to get to know you, your property and your family. Based on this, this will help you choose the best intruder alarm to best protect your large domestic property.

With modern technology evolving all the time, intruder alarms offer more security and peace of mind than every before. We can offer our homeowners computing power and digital communications technology to give them complete control of these properties. This technology means that a homeowner can keep an eye on their property at any time. This can also be done from any location, as long as they have a smart device and connection to the internet.

Wireless intruder alarms offer a simple and cost-effective to start protecting your home. This could be a bell, a keypad, door contact or a PIR for example. Our intruder alarm engineers can install these basis intruder alarm systems for you as a bells-only alarm or with your broadband. This can then be built on as your security needs grow.

It’s important that you know the intruder alarm in your large domestic property is in good working order. Again, this is where the team at Jensen Security and Fire Safety come in. We can provide you with servicing, testing and maintenance on an annual basis. This will ensure that your intruder alarm and security can always be relied upon and trusted.