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Why Companies Use Access Control

Why Companies Use Access Control

As technology evolves, business security changes too. Each time there is a new advancement in technology, there is a better way to protect your business. This could be through recording data, keeping inventory, watching your property or better ways to keep staff and customers safe.

One of the biggest advancements in technology we have seen in recent years for business security is access control. Companies use access control because it enables them to only allow certain individuals into set areas of the business. This is all done through the verifying of a person’s identification via PIN, RFID key cards or a biometric reader.

In this blog post we look at some of the many reasons that companies use access control. While access control increases security, there are lots of other ways it improves operating efficiency for the business. It can also provide companies with powerful insights too.

Why Do Companies Use Access Control?

  • No More Keys

There is not much worse for an employee turning up to work and realising that they have forgotten their keys and cannot get into the business. With access control there is no need for this worry. You also don’t need to replace lost keys. If employees leave, you won’t need to change locks and keys for the security of the business.

  • Offers Customisation

With access control you can choose to keep rooms completely private. This could be treatment rooms, managers rooms or other private areas for example. Access control security solutions will enable you to create custom credentials for each employee. Based on this, each employee will have different areas of the company they can enter and cannot enter.

  • Better Monitoring

When you use access control systems for your company you have the ability to track who is coming and going from your business. You’ll be able to see who arrives at what time and when they leave too. This will offer added security measures, but also has fire safety benefits too.

  • Time Tracking

Through your access control security systems, you will be able to track the exact time that employee’s clock in and clock out of work each day. This will help you to better manage coverage in the business. It will also help your accounts team manage payroll more effectively too.


Want to know more about how access control could work for your company? Call our team now. We can talk through your business security and recommend areas in which it could be improved. This could be with access control solutions, CCTV cameras, intruder alarms and more.