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Why Install An Alarm System In Your Rented Accommodation

By October 4, 2022No Comments

Why Install An Alarm System In Your Rented Accommodation

Are you looking for a way to protect and secure your rented accommodation? A great way of doing this is installing a security or burglar alarm system in your rented accommodation. This way your tenants know that the property is safe and secure, and so do you. These alarms are a great way of securing your property because they are designed to trigger an alert or siren when there is a break-in to the property.

If you are looking for next level security, why not install an alarm system in your rented accommodation that is paired with motion sensors. This way the alarm will be able to detect any unauthorised movement. Further to this, any unauthorised movement can be communicated to the control panel.

Home security alarm systems have different features and specifications. It’s important to take the time to think about the level of security you require to ensure you install the right alarm system in your rented accommodation. The main things to consider when choosing your home security alarm system are explained below:

  • Remote Monitoring

Do you want to be able to monitor the property through your app or would you like your tenants to? In which case, you will need an alarm system that can be synced through a smartphone.  This way the security system can be controlled, managed and monitored remotely by you, the tenants or both of you.

  • 3rd Party Monitoring

You could also opt for third party monitoring. This is where your house security is monitored by a third party or a police authority for example. If there was an alert from your home security system, the third party or police would automatically take action. If you have a high value property or commercial property, we recommend this level of security.

  • Call Alert

Some security alarm systems will have a call-alert feature. This allows the security system to call you on the phone if the alarm is triggered. If there was an emergency, you would be informed, and the emergency can then be dealt with appropriately.

  • Smart Alarm

You may want to have a smart alarm. This has home automation capabilities that connects to other smart devices in the home. For example, it can link with voice assistant devices or smart appliances. This means that you can automate tasks for enhanced safety and security within the home.


Not sure of the best way to ensure your rented accommodation is safe and secure for you and your tenants? Call our security experts. We can recommend the best home security solutions for you and your rented accommodation.