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Why Is My Fire Panel Beeping?

By April 7, 2021May 7th, 2021No Comments

Why Is My Fire Panel Beeping?

Have you noticed that your fire alarm panel is bleeping? We don’t mean the full sounding loud bells and horns. Instead just a constant beeping sound coming from the fire alarm panel. You may notice some lights are flashing too?

If you have noticed that your fire alarm is beeping this is a tell-tale sign that that something somewhere within your fire alarm system is not quite right.

The fire alarm panel beeping could be the system letting you know that one of the smoke alarms is either disconnected from the system. Or it could be telling you it is malfunctioning. However, the beeping of the fire panel could also be a sign that one of the devices is dirty. Perhaps it is getting some interference that needs resolving.

If you can hear beeping from your fire alarm panel do not ignore it. Also, do not try to silence it. The beeping means that your fire alarm is faulty. It means that the system needs attention. Have a look at your manual for the fire alarm system and see if you can identify or correct the issue.

However, if you are unable to resolve the issue, then call our team of fire alarm system experts. We can help understand and resolve the problem over the phone or come to your location to fix the beeping on your fire alarm panel.

It is important to note that the cleaner the environment along with regular maintenance checks on the fire alarm system. This will mean fewer problems for the system. Through the regular performance of maintenance checks and fire alarm tests, you will catch problems. You’ll catch them before they interfere with the ability of your fire alarm system to work and save lives. A clean environment will also reduce the risk of dust, dirt or debris. This can cause damage to the fire alarm system and the devices that make the fire alarm work.

Have you noticed a fault with your fire alarm or perhaps fire alarm panel is beeping? Call our fire alarm system team now to resolve the issue. We can get your fire alarm in good working order again.