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Why Think About Coverage Before Installing CCTV At Home

Why Think About Coverage Before Installing CCTV At Home

Crime rates across the UK are rising. This means that need for installing CCTV at home is rising. A person’s home is no longer their safe castle. It needs protecting. Research shows that there are 770 million cameras globally that help prevent the rising crime rates. Are any of these cameras protecting your home, possessions and family?

When it comes to installing CCTV cameras at home, there is a lot to consider. One of these things that you need consider is the coverage of the CCTV cameras. You need to think about the size of your home. It’s important to think about the land in which your home is on too. Which areas of your home and property do you want covering? Is it just the front door or the whole house? Do you want to cameras to be visible to deter criminals? Perhaps you would prefer hidden cameras to catch thieves and criminals in the act? Maybe a bit of both to deter and then get the proof needed.

How many entrances are there to your home? How visible are your doors to people passing or your neighbours? What do you store in your shed or garage? Are these valuable or expensive belongings? By thinking about all these things before installing CCTV at home will ensure you better protect your property, the right way.

You need to think about how many CCTV cameras need installing at your home too. This can be determined by the coverage you need from the CCTV cameras. Our CCTV specialists can help you choose the right amount of CCTV cameras to protect your home. They will also help you choose the best mounts for the CCTV to improve coverage and visibility.

Installing CCTV at home is something many people think that they can do themselves. However, as we have already touched on, there is a lot to consider. This is why we would recommend that you speak to out home security CCTV experts. They will offer expert advice and guidance to best protect your home, and everything in and around it. Call us now to talk about your home CCTV surveillance needs.