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Why Your Business Needs Door Access Control Systems

Why Your Business Needs Door Access Control Systems

The security needs of businesses are always changing and evolving. Over the last few years we have seen door access control systems and keyless entry systems grow in popularity. Our door access control systems are popular amongst property managers, building owners. Even small business owners. This is because people are aware of the layer of safety and security that door access control systems can offer a business.

There are lots of reasons why we think your business needs door access control systems. We have listed some of these reasons below for you;

  • A door access control system in your business will offer you remote access. This means that you will have control over who enters your building and different parts of your building. This is without you even being there.
  • You will find that this access system is customisable. This means each employee will have different access rights dependent on their job role, department and the parts of the building they need to enter.
  • A good quality access system will offer you historical records too. This means if an employee within your business has stolen from your business you can tell by the access codes or cards. You can see which person entered that part of your building and when.
  • Another benefit is the non duplication of door access control methods. Unlike a standard key that can be cut, you can’t duplicate the access methods to enable other people to enter your building or business premises.
  • Employees won’t need to carry around a pocket full of keys to enter different parts of the business. Instead they can use one code, card or fob to enter all the parts of the business that you have allowed them access too.
  • If a card or fob is lost or misplaced you will not need to replace all the locks in the building and get new keys cut for employees. Instead you can destroy the previous access rights from the missing card or fob. Then get a new one created. This will save a lot of time and money!

These are just some of the many reasons that we would suggest that you should have door access control systems for your business. If you would like to know more, then why not give our friendly team of business security experts a call?