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Why Your Vacant Business Premise Is Vulnerable

By April 8, 2020April 13th, 2020No Comments

Many of us have now been forced into lock down and our business premises are now vacant. But why is a vacant business premise vulnerable?

While we may all be on lock down and following the rules and guidelines about essential travel only, staying a home and working from home where possible, guess who isn’t following these rules? That’s right –the thieves and burglars are not following these rules. In fact many are seeing this as an opportunity to gain entry and steal from the businesses they have never been able to previously.

However, thieves and burglars are not the only reasons that your vacant business premise is vulnerable. What about flooding or utility leaks, fire damage, fly tipping or squatters?

If there was to be a flood or utility leak in your business premises when people are working there, then this would be quickly spotted and quickly resolved. However, a flood or utility leak in a vacant business premise can cause a considerable amount of damage before you are even aware. This damage could be very extensive resulting in extremely high repair costs.

When a property is empty a fire can quickly take hold of the premises. You will have nobody on site to listen out for alarms or smell the smoke. What may start as a small electrical fire, for example, could quickly render a property uninhabitable. This is especially the case when you consider the flame, smoke, water and foam damage to extinguish the fire.

Councils across the UK are pulling back their bulky waste collections so they can manage the other waste needs of homes and businesses. However, people still want to get rid of their bulky waste. If there is a vacant business premises nearby, people can be tempted to leave their bulky waste there. If you return to your business after lock down and see this fly tipping on your premises you will then need to pay to get rid of it. You will be responsible for removing the dumped items. In some cases you will be fined by the council if you do not comply!

Squatters are people that trespass and occupy vacant premises without permission. Squatters will often target empty business premises as a large space to stay or live with their friends and the squatter community. During this time they can cause malicious damage, thieve fixtures and fittings and more. They are also extremely difficult and costly to evict.

Your vacant business premise is vulnerable – how are you making sure your business is safe and secure?