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Fire Safety

Your Fire Door Checklist

Your Fire Door Checklist

Fire doors are essential to the fire safety of many buildings including residential apartments, hospitals, businesses and more. It is essential that you complete a fire door checklist on a regular basis. This will ensure that your fire doors are safe and in good working order. If there is a fire in your building, you’ll know that the fire doors will offer the best fire safety they can – because you have completed the fire door checklist.

  • Hinges

All fire doors should have three hinges. You should check these three hinges are in place. It’s important to check that they all have their screws tightly in place, and they are not damaged. Look out for any oil leakage and ensure they have the right CE stamp too.

  • Seals

Your fire doors should have seals all around them. These should be present and without damage. The fire door seals should never be painted over. Take the time to check the seals around the door to ensure that they will give you the fire safety protection you need in case of a fire.

  • Leaf

It is important that leaf of the door should sit firmly against the doorstep. This needs to be flush against the frame. Check the veneers or the lipping of the door leaf. This needs to be firmly attached with no pealing. You also need to ensure that the door is free from any dents or damage too.

  • Frame

When you check the frame of the fire door you need to ensure that it is firmly attached to the wall. Take the time to check that the door frame is also free from damage. Do you have a planted doorstep near your fire door? Make sure this is firmly in place and secure in its position.

  • Threshold Gap

It is important that you check the threshold gap too. This is the gap underneath the fire door that allows the door to swing closed. It is essential that nothing is blocking the fire door from swinging freely. The gap should be between 8mm and 10mm between the floor and the door when it is shut. If your door has a cold smoke seal, the maximum gap should be 3mm.

  • Closers

Some fire doors will have closers. These need to be checked for both damage and oil leakage. You will also need to check that the closers are firmly attached to the door and the frame. Closing time of a fire door should take approximately 5 to 20 seconds. Check that your fire doors do not close too slowly or too quickly as both can be safety risks to users.

  • Glazing

If your fire doors have any glazing, this will need to be checked. Look at the glazed window to ensure there is no cracking of the glass or any other damage. Take the time to ensure that the beading is firmly attached on both sides.

If you have come across any issues when completing your fire door checklist, call our team. We can assess your fire door safety and recommend any improvements or changes.