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Access Audio Control And Video Entry In Education

By August 7, 2022No Comments

Access Audio Control And Video Entry In Education

Managements of schools and other educational facilities face the ever more challenging issue of providing a high-quality education while ensuring their pupils are safe and secure within the building. Schools and other educational facilities are given this huge responsibility. They are entrusted by the parents of their pupils to ensure they remain safe and protected from all harm when in the school.

Meanwhile, schools, colleges and nurseries need to ensure that they create a healthy environment. This needs to be welcoming to teachers, parents, students and other legitimate visitors who need to be inside the school. All the while, they need to keep individuals out who could cause a potential harm if they were to be inside the education premises.

This is where access audio control and video entry in education comes in. It is an essential part of school security. Access audio control and video entry should be implemented in all educational settings across the UK.

For many years, many educational settings have used simple keys and locks. This has locked the gates to the school playground, doors to classrooms, staff areas and offices. While they have worked, there are certain issues with their use. For example, if the caretaker with the keys is not in that day. What if the lock is faulty, or the key is missing? How will you gain access to those areas?

There is also no way that you can guarantee that the keys will only be in safe hands and never fall into the wrong hands. Further to this, traditional keys can be easily copied. This means that there is no way of knowing how many people have keys and how many keys are out there.

The inability to control and manage the access into a school, particularly during busy school hours, can result in serious dangers and problems to those within your building. With access audio control and video entry in education the authorities within the schools are able to see who is on site and choose where they have access to.

In the event of a security or safety threat, the school management is also able to lockdown the education facility. This can be done with the support of access audio control and video entry. This can help them keep students confined to a safe place within the school. All while keeping the intruder or unwelcome visitor out.

Want to know more about how access audio control and video entry can work in your education establishment? Call our school security specialists now. They will happily talk you through the access audio control or video entry security systems. They’ll tell you how they help your school and how too.