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Fire Safety

What Kind Of Fire Alarm Do You Need?

By August 4, 2022No Comments

What Kind Of Fire Alarm Do You Need?

Some of the most common questions our fire alarm specialists here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems are asked are about the right kinds of fire alarms. So, in this blog post we help you understand what kind of fire alarm you need. However, it’s not a simple answer and there are different things that will need to be taken into account.

The kind of fire alarm you need is dependent on your premises. Different types of fire alarm systems are suited to different buildings. The current fire alarm regulations in the UK state that all business premises must have ‘an appropriate fire detection system’.  In simple terms, this means that if there was a fire in the business, there needs to be a way that the fire can be easily detected and those within the building can be warned and alerted.

Legally speaking, not all business premises require an alarm system. However, here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we would always recommend that every business has a smoke alarm or heat alarm in every room where there is a potential of a fire starting.

Could a smoke alarm or heat alarm be enough for your business premises? If you can answer yes to all the following statements, then it is likely that a heat alarm or a smoke alarm could be enough for you.

  • Are your business premises small, single storey and open plan, laid out in a simple way?
  • If you were to shout ‘fire’, would it easily be heard by all the people within the building?
  • Do you only have physically able, young and healthy people within your business? By this we mean no older people, very young people or people with disabilities.
  • Do you only store fire safe items in your business premises and no high-risk substances or chemicals for example?
  • Does cooking or other high-risk activities never take place within your building.
  • If a fire was to break out anywhere in your business, would it be easy to spot from anywhere within your business?

If you want to ensure you are within the law and fully understand the fire risks within your business, call our team now. We can complete a fire risk assessment at your business premises. Once completed, we can then recommend the kind of fire alarm that you need, then supply and install it for you.