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How Your Business Can Use Video Analytics To Reduce Workplace Accidents

By July 31, 2022No Comments

How Your Business Can Use Video Analytics To Reduce Workplace Accidents

Many business owners think of CCTV video recordings for deterring criminals and catching them in the act. However, there are far more benefits to surveillance cameras than just business security. In this blog post we look at how your business can use video analytics to help reduce workplace accidents.

We can show you how to program and use video analytics software to identify potential risks and possible accidents that could cause harm to employees, visitors or the workplace premises. In turn, this will help to reduce accidents in the workplace. It will also help you improve health and safety in the workplace, as a whole.

Research by the UK Health and Safety Executive found that a whopping 693,000 workers sustained an injury in the workplace. This was just between 2019 and 2020. During this time there were also 111 deaths further to accidents in the workplace. Just think how your business could use video analytics to reduce workplace accidents and fatalities like these!

It is essential that businesses have systems in place that can not only identify but also prevent accidents from happening. The CCTV cameras that can be used in this way will also be able to provide footage for insurance claim or court cases to see how the accident happened and who is at fault.

There are a number of ways that your business can use video analytics to reduce workplace accidents. For example, the video analytics can be programmed for people counting. This can be especially useful for crowd control or areas that require social distancing. The video analytics can also be programmed to see a motionless body and fall detection too. They can be programmed to spot emergency area obstructions such as fire exits for example.

If a large percentage of people in one area were to suddenly turn and run in the opposite direction, this could trigger the surveillance cameras too and alert them of panic of this nature. Video analytics can also be used to speed monitor vehicles in and around the building and warn of potential dangers and possible accidents because of fast moving vehicles.

Installing video analytics alongside your CCTV surveillance system will help create a safer and more secure workplace for everyone. You’ll be reducing the risk of crime and accidents in the workplace, while improving productivity and the overall security of your business.

Want to know more about how your business can use video analytics to reduce workplace accidents? Call out surveillance specialists now.