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Access Audio Control / Video Entry In The Public Sector

By October 6, 2022No Comments

Access Audio Control / Video Entry In The Public Sector

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we have many years’ experience installing access audio control and video entry access systems in public sector buildings. These include schools, hospitals, government offices, care homes and more.

Keeping something locked away is no longer the best way to protect and secure it. Instead, you need to install a door access control system with access audio control and video entry to public sector buildings. These offers a higher level of security than traditional locks on doors, for example. Our access audio control and video entry solutions will help keep unwanted visitors away from your organisation and buildings.

Electronic access control with the added features of access audio control and video entry is affordable. It is also a long-term investment for this sector. While the safety and security of the building is our paramount concern, we are aware of the financial challenges that public sector organisations have.

Security access control systems actually save organisations money in the long term. These security systems save users from the cost of changing locks and reissuing keys. This can often happen as staffing changes and employees leave. It also reduces the costs of creating new keys as keys go missing, get lost or are misplaced. These can be a cost that really adds up over time. This is especially the case in larger organisations.

Our access audio control and video entry security specialists will design and install a vast range of door entry systems that will suit the individual needs of your organisation, security risks and budget. We understand the financial challenges and security risks of the public sector. This makes us well placed to provide, install and maintain an access audio control or video entry security system for your public sector premises.

We can help with anything from simple token-entry systems to high-end wireless video or audio systems. Our access control engineers will be able to provide you with the right security solution for your needs. A security solution that will be long-lasting and reliable. You’ll never need to change a lock or issue a new key again. Call our access control specialists to find out more.