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CCTV In Healthcare

By March 10, 2022No Comments

CCTV In Healthcare

CCTV surveillance cameras in healthcare facilities is essential, but it can be problematic. This is because patients, visitors and staff need to be protected. However, the confidentiality of the patient needs to be protected too.

CCTV is healthcare facilities can be extremely useful. It deters potential crimes in healthcare facilities. It also monitors the area for potential crimes and records any crimes that do take place. However, there are confidentiality implications with all CCTV cameras. There are also legal obligations. These are even more prevalent in healthcare facilities.

If using CCTV cameras in your healthcare facilities, you must be clear about the purpose of the surveillance system. It is also important that you are transparent about the use of the CCTV cameras. On top of this, clearly communicated rules, policies and procedures must be in place.

It is essential that when CCTV is used in healthcare facilities that it has to be installed for a specific purpose. This could be as the prevention or detection of crime for example. Signs must be displayed around the healthcare facility. This ensures staff, patients and visitors are aware that surveillance equipment has been installed and is in working order.

Any images recorded should not be retained for longer than strictly necessary. Further to this, any recorded imagines should only be disclosed in limited and prescribed instances. They must comply with the purpose for which the healthcare facility can process images. For example, the prevention or detection of crime.

It is essential that only relevant parts of the surveillance footage should be disclosed. Any unrelated people in the footage should be blurred out.

Our healthcare CCTV experts can recommend the best location for your CCTV surveillance cameras. We will also help ensure you meet all legal requirements, and the correct areas are clearly covered by the CCTV cameras.