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The Vulnerabilities of Your Home Security

By March 8, 2022March 9th, 2022No Comments

The Vulnerabilities of Your Home Security

Is your house suffering with the popular vulnerability of home security? A person’s home is their castle, and it’s understandable they want to protect it. Our homes are a place we can go to escape the craziness of the world around us. However, if your home is not properly secured and safe – you could get a very unwelcome surprise. While break-ins and burglaries are more common in the winter months, they still take place during darker nights in the summer months too.

Here we share some of the potential vulnerabilities of your home security. By being aware of the vulnerabilities, you can make sure you home is safe and secure. Don’t forget, we can visit your home for free to review your home security and make any recommendations to make your home safer.

  • Hiding Spare Keys

If you have a cat sitter, cleaner or teenage children you may be tempted to hide spare keys outside so these people have access to your home. However, burglars may be watching your home. They also know where to check as the common places to hide spare keys. By leaving out spare keys you are literally opening up the front door and welcoming potential thieves and criminals in. Instead of hiding your keys, why not consider smart home technology with a smart lock and keypad? This way the right people can still gain access to your home, while the wrong people can’t.

  • Poor Lighting

Lighting outside your home makes the trip to your front door or round the side of your home safer for you and your family. However, good lighting supports your home security too. A burglar loves working under the cover of darkness. If your home is well lit or you have motion sensor lighting, this can be enough to deter a potential criminal. The motion light turning on will also alert you to something happening in the area.

  • Garages and Sheds

Think about how your shed or garage is secure and protected. Is it properly locked so it is hard for a potential thief to gain access? How well lit is the area surrounding the garage or shed so as to deter thieves. Could you install a domestic intruder alarm system so if an unwelcome visitor arrived at your property an alarm would be triggered? Garages and sheds are commonly illegally entered by criminals as an ‘easy target’. Make sure criminals don’t see yours as an easy target.

  • Window Vulnerability

As the warmer weather is starting to arrive, we may choose to open our windows during the day or night. It’s worth noting that these open windows offer potential criminals the perfect entrance and exit point to your home. When you are not home, these windows need to be closed and locked. Again, a domestic intruder alarm can help protect your home from potential criminals entering your home through windows. Windows are one of the most popular vulnerabilities of home security.


Looking for ways to make your home less attractive to potential thieves? Content the Jensen home security team now.