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CCTV Installation is Easy, What Could Go Wrong?

By September 4, 2019September 20th, 2019No Comments

If you think CCTV installation is easy then you might need to think again. There are so many different variables when it comes to CCTV cameras and CCTV installation for homes and businesses. By not having a full understanding of these CCTV variables you could find that your footage is almost useless.

Let us imagine that the worst happens and your business or home is broken into. The thieves steal your car keys, your computer, mobile phone and tablet, for example. As much as you are upset and stressed by the break-in, you feel safe in the knowledge that your CCTV camera has captured the evidence needed by the police to capture the thieves.

However, when you re-run the security footage you find that the camera is too high to capture anything but the top of the thieves head. Alternatively you find that the camera doesn’t capture the entrance and instead has the thief leaving with their hood up. Perhaps the burglary takes place in the evening and all you can see is a dark shadow? Or maybe the sun is too bright and shines directly on the camera so you can just see the silhouette of the thief with a bulging bag of your items.

You will have spent a lot of money on the CCTV cameras and equipment. While it is normal that we all want to save money, but by swerving the costs of CCTV installation you could end up wasting money on poor, misplaced or badly installed CCTV cameras that can’t be relied upon.

Professionally installed CCTV systems could give you the lifeline you need if your home or business is broken into. They can give the police the evidence and details required to catch the thieves and hopefully get your possessions and valuables back to you.

Don’t just get the best quality CCTV cameras; make sure they are installed by a trusted and reliable CCTV installation company, like the team here at Jensen Security!