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How Secure Is Your Warehouse?

By August 28, 2019No Comments

How Secure Is Your Warehouse?

Security in a warehouse is something that needs to be taken extremely seriously. How secure is your warehouse?

A warehouse is traditionally full of valuable stock. In some cases this can mean it is all too tempting to steal from the warehouse. While it may be tempting for potential thieves to break into your business, it is also tempting for employees in your warehouse and delivery drivers to steal from the business too.

The security of your warehouse may not seem like a big deal or an area where the business loses a lot of money, but you could be wrong. A report from Centre for Retail Research showed that employee theft and fraud costs UK retailers a huge £1,681 million. On top of this supplier and warehouse fraud alone accounts for £246 million worth of losses each year.

So, we ask again – how secure is your warehouse?

How Secure Is The Amazon Warehouse?

Amazon is a huge global company. They have been hit hard by employee theft and needed to do something about it. Amazon has a high level of staff turnover and they also have lots of smaller items that are easy to conceal and steal by employees. In an attempt to curb the rise in theft from their warehouse then implemented an interesting idea.

Amazon installed large flat screen TVs throughout the warehouse in employees view. These showed real stories of employees that had stolen from the business. It shows how an employee had stolen from the business, how they were caught and the consequences they met for stealing from Amazon.

This served as a very real warning of how employees are being watched within the warehouse, that theft is not tolerated and what will happen if an employee steals from the business.

The Security on an Industrial Park

As well as thinking how secure is your warehouse; you also need to think how secure is your industrial park? A company within the UK invested over £1 million in security measures across their industrial park in Yorkshire. They used a mix of high quality security cameras, new fencing, well placed security alarms, access systems and more.

They did this to attract new occupants into the industrial park. Within a very short period of time the crime rate officially became zero and companies were quickly signing up for warehouses within the industrial park as they knew it was a secure place for their business premises.


If the question of ‘how secure is your warehouse’ leaves you worried contact our security team. We can review the security measures you have in place and recommend changes you can implement to improve them.

If you are looking to improve the security of your warehouse then give us a call. We will come to your warehouse and recommend the best security measures for your business premises and your budget.