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Commercial Fire Alarm Installation Mistakes To Avoid

By April 26, 2022No Comments

Commercial Fire Alarm Installation Mistakes To Avoid

Installing a commercial fire alarm is important to all businesses. However, ensuring that it works correctly is important too. While it may seem cheaper to complete the commercial fire alarm installation yourself, it may not save you money in the long term.

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we can offer professional and reliable commercial fire alarm installation services. This means that you can avoid making some of the most common commercial fire alarm installations that are sometimes made.

We have listed the most common commercial fire alarm installation mistakes made below. This should help you avoid making them yourself.

  • False Alarms

Fire alarms can be lifesaving. However, false fire alarms can be annoying. To prevent false alarms in your fire alarm system you should install fire alarms away from doors and ducts. Drafts from these areas can often cause false alarms. It is important that fire alarms are installed in the right places to avoid these potential false fire alarms.

  • Kitchen Installation

There are certain places within your business where fire alarms are necessary. However, if you have a kitchen area in your business it is important fire alarms are kept away from this area. A fire alarm sensor can be triggered easily if they are close to ovens for example. You should install your commercial fire alarm system about 20 feet away from items in the kitchen to avoid this potential fire risk.

  • Not Connecting Alarms

No matter what type of fire alarms you use, they need to be connected. These ensures that the smoke alarms work together to protect your entire business premises. No matter where the fire is, by connecting your fire alarms correctly, the fire alarm system will alert you. As one fire alarm sounds, they all will.

  • Missed Alarm Testing

Fire alarms can be tricky. It is essential that you test your fire alarms on a regular basis to ensure that they work. Once your fire alarm has been installed it needs to be tested. It should then be tested weekly or monthly from that time. Once a year, or more frequently if you prefer, your fire alarms should then be professionally tested and checked. This will ensure that they will work if there was to be a fire.


To keep your business as safe as possible your commercial fire alarm needs to be installed the right way, by the professionals. Contact us now to find out more.