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Copper-Line Cut Off Is Coming, What Does That Mean For Your Business Security?

Copper-Line Cut Off Is Coming, What Does That Mean For Your Business Security?

At the end of 2025 we have been told by the government that the copper-line cut off will happen. The biggest question on many of our clients’ lips is what that will mean for their business security systems. If your humble landline is your literal lifeline for your business, in less than 2 years, it will be cut. The lifeline of your business will be cut off at the end of 2025.

So, what exactly will the copper-line cut off look like for businesses? Also, what will it mean for security and alarm systems within your business? That is what we are going to look at in this blog post.

What Is This Copper-Line Cut Off You Are Talking About?

BT Openreach will be withdrawing the PSTN and ISDN telephone systems in December 2025. These will have been replaced with fibre optic lines instead. This means that businesses and security systems that rely on analogue phonelines will cease to function. Generally speaking, this will include a lot of the older business security and alarm systems.

Research shows that over three quarters of all business owners haven’t prepared for the copper-line cut off and the disruption it could bring their business. If this is you, call our business security specialists. We can look at your existing systems and upgrade them if the copper-line cut off will affect them.

What Does The Copper-Line Cut Off Mean For My Business?

All future phone serviced will need to connect over broadband instead of a traditional wall socket. For businesses, this means that now is the time to start preparing. This is especially the case if your phonelines are plugged into the walls. If your business security systems are over 10 years old, chances are that they will be PTSN or ISDN systems. This means they will stop working and protecting your business as of the end of 2025.

Research shows that in 2019 there were almost 3 million security alarms that ran on PTSN systems in the UK alone. If this could be you, then you need to speak to our team. We don’t want you to be left high and dry with no business security when the switch off takes place. Contact our business security experts now to ensure your business is properly secured and protected come the end of 2025.