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Your Guide To Industrial Fire Door Installation

By April 30, 2023No Comments

Your Guide To Industrial Fire Door Installation

High quality fire doors are an essential part of any industrial building. They are there to prevent fire and smoke spreading to different parts of the building. Your industrial fire doors will become a barrier for the fire. In turn this will delay the damaging affects of the fire to your business. However, this is down to professional industrial fire door installation.

Our industrial fire door installation team here at Jensen Fire and Security Systems experienced in supplying and installing fire doors that have been appropriately tested and approved to BS 476 Part 22 or BS EN 1634, which is the European equivalent of the British standards.

Your industrial building will be compartmented to delay the spread of a fire from one area to another. These compartments will often be linked by fire doors. These fire doors allow for a safe passage of visitors and traffic around the building. Your professionally installed industrial fire doors will serve two important functions in case of a fire. They will limit the spread of fire and limit the spread of hazardous smoke travelling through the building.

Professional industrial fire door installation is required to ensure that the spread of fire is delayed. Also, so that the smoke from the fire doesn’t cause too much hindrance to those trying to escape from the building.

Any openings within your industrial building, leading from one area to another will require a reliable fire door installation company. Further to this, the fire doors installed must be certified door sets. This includes the fire door itself as well as the door frame. When you choose a professional fire door installation company, like the team here at Jensen Fire and Security Systems, you can rest assure that the fire doors will be installed to the required levels.

Some industrial fire door installation projects are completed to limit the spread of fire. Others are completed to limit the spread of fire and smoke. Our fire door installation specialists will talk to you about your business and layout. From this they will recommend the right fire doors for your needs.

There are many fire door installation rules and regulations to comply with in the industrial sector. This is why it is highly recommended that you use a trusted, reliable and experienced fire door installation company. This way you know that your fire doors will be safe and legal, and can be relied upon in case of a fire.