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Do I Need Emergency Lighting In My Large Domestic Property?

By September 5, 2023No Comments

Do I Need Emergency Lighting In My Large Domestic Property?

Emergency lighting isn’t legally required in large domestic properties. However, it is a great area. By understanding what emergency lighting is and how it could work in our large domestic property, we can better decide if we need emergency lighting in our home. While we all know we need fire alarms and smoke alarms in our home, very few of us consider emergency lighting for our homes.

So, let’s look at what emergency lighting is and why you might want to have emergency lighting installed in your large domestic property.

The primary purpose of emergency lighting is to provide key lighting when it is needed. For example, the ‘exit’ sign above a fire escape. The emergency lighting in a large domestic property will illuminate at all times, even when the power to the home has cut out. This enables those within your home to safely find a way out. If you have a part of your home that has no natural light sources, then emergency lighting would be recommended in these spaces. That way, if there was an emergency, safe departure from the building is still possible.

The need for emergency lighting changes from building to building. However, there is a general rule of thumb that you might want to consider. If your large domestic property has large open spaces, common areas or escape routes, then emergency lighting is recommended. This includes common areas like a lobby in an apartment building for example.

In the UK, there are no regulations that require a home to have emergency lighting installed. However, there are some exceptions to this such as when structural, electrical or gas works are taking place. That said, you are generally safe to do as you chose in your own home. If you believe that emergency lighting will make your home safer for those in it, then that is your choice.

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we can help with the location, installation and maintenance of your emergency lighting. Call our emergency lighting specialists to find out more about the uses of emergency lighting in your large domestic property.