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Fire Safety

What Is A Flame Detector?

By September 3, 2023September 18th, 2023No Comments

What Is A Flame Detector?

Have you been wondering if you need a flame detector for the fire safety of your business? Maybe you’re not even sure what one is? They’re not spoken about very often. However, they are extremely important. Before a fire alarm can swound of fire suppression system can activate, something needs to identify that a fire is present. Very often, that ‘something’ will be a flame detector.

A flame detector will often be referred to as the first line of defence against a fire within your business. This fire safety technology is a sensor. It has been designed to detect the presence of a fire as soon as possible. This will enable you to respond to the fire within your business as quickly and appropriately as possible.

This fire safety technology will not only detect the presence of a fire. It will also prompt your fire protection system and fire suppression systems to trigger. This could involve a number of fire safety equipment such as the sounding of your fire alarms. It could also alert the central monitoring system and local first responders. The fire suppression systems such as extinguishers, sprinklers and more could be activated. The flame detector could also deactivate the gas and fuel lines within your business premises too.

It’s important to note that all flame detectors are not the same. This is because every business is different, every fire safety needs and different and budgets are different too. You will see that there are a lot of different brands and models of this fire protection system on the market.

Generally speaking, they are all designed to accomplish the same goal of detecting fires. However, how they operate and perform may vary. The way in which they respond to different hazards may be different between models and brands too.

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Safety we can help you choose the flame detection system that will work best for your business, your fire protection needs and your budget. Call our business fire safety specialists now to find out more.