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Fire Safety

Do I Need My Fire Extinguishers Serviced?

By May 14, 2019May 20th, 2019No Comments

Do I Need My Fire Extinguishers Serviced?

As security and fire safety specialists we work with a lot of businesses on their fire safety. As well as fire alarms and overall fire systems. One of the most commonly asked questions we get from our clients is if they need to have their fire extinguishers serviced?

The answer is always Yes! In fact it is a legal requirement. As per The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This requirement states that annual maintenance checks must be completed on fire extinguishers.

Just as you would get an MOT completed on your new car. You need to get your fire extinguishers serviced. The MOT means that your car is safe to drive and a maintenance check on your fire extinguishers is integral to everyday life too.

A well maintained and serviced fire extinguisher could be the thing that saves the lives of your employees and visitors to your business premises. While a warranty is essential for a fire extinguisher, you still need to ensure you have your fire extinguishers serviced and that all fire safety equipment is looked after.

Having an annual service booked in the diary for your fire extinguishers will mean that you are aware of any issues with the fire extinguisher. If the first time the fire extinguisher is tested is in a fire emergency situation and you find it doesn’t work this could be your life, your business and your employees’ lives that you are putting at risk.

Your company insurance company will often ask for proof of fire extinguisher services too. You will be provided with a copy of your fire extinguisher check certificate. This can then be kept on file within your business. Another copy can be sent to your insurance company. There have been situations where a company’s insurance has become null and void due to a lack of these fire extinguisher checks.

Over time there are many factors that can affect a fire extinguisher. These are the things that our fire extinguisher service experts will check for. For example fire extinguishers could have become damaged or tampered with. Alternatively, UV exposure can cause components within the fire extinguisher to become damaged. Our fire extinguisher specialists will also insure that the fire extinguishers are in the best place for emergencies too.

Research shows that fire extinguishers save the economy £500 million every year. They also prevent around 1,600 injuries and save 24 lives each year. There are over 2,000 incidents reported each year. 80% of those fires are successful dealt with using fire extinguishers. Meanwhile 75% of those cases required no fire brigade to attend.

Book an visit for your fire extinguishers to be serviced now.