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Do You Need A CCTV Alarm System?

By November 3, 2022November 8th, 2022No Comments

Do You Need A CCTV Alarm System?

We have seen a real growth in CCTV and alarm systems for both business properties and homes. It makes sense too. After all, when combining a CCTV camera with an alarm system you can enhance crime deterrence while further protected and securing your home or business.

A CCTV alarm system can complement and enhance a traditional alarm system or surveillance cameras. So, what can a CCTV alarm system offer protection and security wise that an alarm system or CCTV surveillance system can’t offer?

One of the biggest benefits of a CCTV alarm system is that you can set up motion-activated alerts and push notifications. This means if there is unusual activity outside during the night, or someone enters your stock room out of hours, you can be alerted. The security system will send you an alert and you can view the footage live. This can be done from wherever you are.

You can easily program your CCTV cameras to record continuously, or just to start when motion is activated. This will help you increase your storage and make reviewing of your security footage easier too. With the alarm system, you can also send alerts on a schedule, as you choose.

There are ways that you can take your CCTV alarm system to the next level too. For example, two-way audio is available so you can talk to people through the security camera. There is also a panic feature button available too. This will reassure you and those in your building that if they feel they are in danger, help is available immediately.

The latest security technology also enables you to have facial recognition on your CCTV cameras. This will allow you to identify a persons face and trigger an alarm. If it is a person that should not be on or around your property you can also send an alert.

If you want to connect your surveillance cameras to an alarm system, call our team. We can help you understand if it will further protect your business and how. If it’s not the right security measure for your business, based on the size or layout, then we will let you know.

Call one of our business security experts now. They will you how we can help you protect and secure your business premises, stock, equipment, employees and customers.