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Fire Damper Maintenance In The Public Sector

By October 31, 2022No Comments

Fire Damper Maintenance In The Public Sector

Fire dampers are passive fire protection products. They are often used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning ducts, also known as HVAC ducts. Fire dampers will help to prevent a fire spreading throughout a building. This is done by closing off the ductwork. In turn, a sealed compartment is created, with fire resistant walls and floors.

Fire dampers contain a thermal element. This thermal element melts when a rise in temperature is detected. The rise in temperature must be higher than the ambient room temperature. It must also be low enough to indicate early presence of a fire in a room.

This is where fire damper maintenance in public sector buildings comes in. Our fire damper specialists will check and maintain your fire dampers to ensure they are in good working order. The fire dampers can also be connected to the fire alarm system of the building. This will allow them to operate automatically. Our fire damper maintenance team can connect your fire dampers to the fire alarm system within your public sector building, or ensure the connection is correct.

Fire dampers are often required in larger buildings. Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we have completed fire damper maintenance services on many public sector buildings. These have included schools and universities, care homes, hospitals, libraries, council offices and more.

Regular fire damper maintenance and testing within the public sector can save lives. Our fire damper maintenance service is made up of two parts. These are a visual inspection and a drop test.

The visual inspection will check the fire damper installation records. It will also include the inspection of damper to ensure correct direction of air flow and no gaps around the installation. Any corrosion or damage to the fire dampers will be checked for too, along with any obstructions that could stop the fire damper working. The surrounding ductwork of the fire damper will be checked too.

The drop test checks that the fire damper work correctly when activated. If the fire dampers do not close when fully released, then they may need to be repaired or replaced.

Do you require a fire damper maintenance service in your building? If so, call our team now. We will arrange for your fire damper maintenance to be completed a time that suits you and your staff members.