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What Camera Mount Do You Need For Your Surveillance Cameras?

By October 29, 2022No Comments

What Camera Mount Do You Need For Your Surveillance Cameras?

When looking at the best way to secure your property, you may come across CCTV cameras. These are a great way of deterring potential criminals and capturing evidence of criminal activity too. Once you have decided surveillance cameras are needed for your home, you need to think about the sort of camera mount needed for your surveillance cameras too.

Surveillance camera mounts are there to help CCTV cameras deliver their best possible performance. It’s important to decide where your cameras will be installed, and if this is inside or outside. The surveillance camera mount you choose will depend on the application and performance requirements of the camera and the mount.

Below we have listed the four common types of indoor mounts for your surveillance cameras.

  • Wall Mounts

A wall mount for your CCTV cameras will help you adjust the view or aim of the camera when monitoring your property.

  • Pendant Mount

A pendant mount can be used to suspend the CCTV camera and other security equipment from the ceiling of the property.

  • Corner Mounts

You can have an inner corner mount or an outer corner mount. These are used to attached CCTV cameras in place where two walls meet at a right angle. Generally speaking, these types of mounts tend to be located higher up, towards the ceiling.

  • Dome Mounts

Indoor door camera mounts are often placed in highly visible areas. This reassures those in the building that they are secure, and it can deter potential criminals too. Dome mounts need to be installed with care, away from air conditioning, speakers and other potential vibrations.


When it comes to outdoor mounts, these need to support and protect the CCTV equipment from the weather and other conditions. It is recommended that you avoid plastic fixtures as these can become brittle and damaged by the elements.

There are two types of outdoor camera mounts for surveillance cameras, these are pole mounts and corner mounts. Pole mounts elevate your CCTV cameras and provide an unimpeded field of view. Corner mounts are particularly useful for PTZ cameras as they are able to pan an area or space.

If you need help choosing the right camera mounts for your surveillance cameras, please call our team now. We will happily discuss the advantages of each mount and recommend the best one for your security needs.