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Domestic Burglaries Are Rising – What Can You Do?

By March 20, 2019April 3rd, 2019No Comments

Domestic Burglaries Are Rising – What Can You Do?

The Guardian has recently reported that there has been a 32% increase in domestic burglaries. Yet while crime figures are on the rise, we all know that police number are falling. It is essential that we all take those extra steps to help ensure that we are not the next victims of a domestic burglary.

Here at Jensen Security we want to help people protect their homes and their families.

This is why we have put together some ways that you can deter burglars and keep them away from your home. However, if you would like to take your home security to the next level, then why not call in our home security experts. They can help you in the fight against domestic burglaries.

Burglar Alarm

Domestic Burglaries are often opportunistic. This means that by putting the right deterrents in place, you can reduce the risk of your home being broken into.

Things like intruder alarms are really good because burglars don’t want to be seen. An alarm going off which alerts people nearby that something is going on is the exact thing that will deter the burglar from trying to break in. Or it will make them run when it does go off.

If you already have an intruder alarm installed then make sure you keep it maintained. While a good quality intruder alarm is designed to last, like all electric appliances, regular servicing will make sure they are still working to their full potential.

Security Lighting

Burglars love the darkness of night. It means there is less chance of them being seen when they are committing domestic burglaries. Outdoor lighting that flicks on with motion sensors is a great way of giving burglars the opposite of what they want.

Take the time to consider where the entrance points to your home are and where motion sensors and security lighting can be installed. Think about those secluded areas of your garden where a burglar might have thought they could hide away in the dark.

Alarm Monitoring

An intruder alarm, security lighting, motion sensors and access alarms are really good when you are nearby. However, not so useful when you’re staying away. There are lots of solutions to overcome this though. For example, you could ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your house for you.

Alternatively there are alarm systems that will call you when an alarm goes off. This means that you can confirm whether it is you entering your home, or someone that shouldn’t be at your house. You can then contact the police and arrange for your home to be checked and secured safely again.