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Dry Riser Maintenance For Large Commercial Buildings

By March 10, 2023No Comments

Dry Riser Maintenance For Large Commercial Buildings

If you are looking for dry riser installation, servicing, testing or dry riser maintenance for your large commercial building, then we can help. Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we are dry riser maintenance specialists. Our dry riser specialists have many years of practical and hands-on experience within large commercial buildings.

A dry riser is a system of pipe work and valves that run up through a building. It is this system that allow fire fighters to easily access water from each individual floor within the building.  The dry riser system consists of a vertical pipe with a water inlet on ground level located on an external wall. These are known as the landing valves of the dry risers. Individual dry risers will then be located within the fire-fighting shaft so they can be connected to from each level of the commercial property.

Dry risers are an essential part of fire safety of all large properties. This is why dry riser maintenance for large commercial buildings is so important. Dry risers can and do save lives. Through the use of dry risers, time will be saved putting out fire. In turn, lives can be saved of those within and around the building. This is why they need to meet stringent regulations and be installed and maintained by experienced professionals.

To ensure that your dry riser is in good working order, effective and legal, dry riser maintenance, design and installation must be completed to British Standards BS9990:2015, BS9999. It must also be maintained to Approved Document B (Fire Safety) of the Building Regulations (England and Wales).

Within the BS9990, it is recommended that visual dry riser checks are completed every 6 months. It is then a legal requirement that dry riser maintenance and tests are completed on an annual basis in large commercial buildings. This needs to be done by a professional and approved dry riser maintenance example, like the team here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems.

Want to know more about our dry riser maintenance services for large commercial buildings? Call our team now. We will be happy to answer any questions that you might have. Our dry riser maintenance team can also book you in for a site visit. We will check for the dry riser maintenance required in your large commercial building.