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Dry Riser Maintenance in Healthcare

Dry Riser Maintenance in Healthcare

A dry riser is a supply system that is intended to distribute water to multiple levels or compartments of a building. It is a component of the fire fighting systems of a building. Dry riser maintenance is essential in healthcare. The benefit of dry risers in healthcare facilities is that they provide a fixed distribution system within a building. It is also designed as part of the fire compartmentation of the building.

Any occupied building over 10 metres in height legally requires dry risers. This is why they are so common in hospitals and other large healthcare facilities. Dry risers will often be found in hospital corridors, multi-level basements and car parks for example. These are areas where access is limited, or compartmentation is an issue.

You may not have heard the term ‘dry riser’, but the outlets can often be referred to as standpipes, landing valves or landing outlets. These are all commonly used terms for the same thing, a dry riser outlet.

Due to the materials that are used to make dry risers, dry risers can often be victim to thieves and criminals. They will take the parts that they can and sell them for money. If a part of the dry riser is stolen, the dry riser will not work efficiently, or at all in some cases, when there is a fire. Here at Jensen Security and Fire Safety we can offer dry riser anti-theft solutions. These will help to keep your dry riser equipment safe in case of potential or attempted criminal activity.

Dry riser maintenance in healthcare facilities is essential. This is because it is something that happens behind the scenes. You rely on the dry riser working in case of a fire emergency. However, if it is not regularly checked and maintained, how can you ensure it will be in good working order if there was a fire?

Our dry riser maintenance service can check for any faults or issues. We will also be able to see if any items have been stolen. These can then be replaced. If there is any damage or faults to the dry riser system, then we can repair or replace these parts for you.

When was the last time your dry riser was checked and maintained? If you’re not sure, give us a call. We can talk you through our dry riser maintenance healthcare checks. This will reassure you that the building is safe in case of a fire.