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Fire Safety

Dry Riser Maintenance In Small Businesses

By December 30, 2022No Comments

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we have a team of specialists that can carry out dry riser maintenance for your small business. Our dry riser engineers have experience in small businesses, all types of buildings and various environments too. This makes us well placed to complete the dry riser maintenance in small businesses like yours.

Dry rising mains are intended for the use of the Fire Brigade and emergency services. A dry riser will facilitate the deployment of water. This water can then be used to help fight the fire or prevent the spread of the fire in the building of your small business. Dry risers are uncharged mains. They will often be fitted into staircase valves or other suitable positions. They will then have valves that are on each floor along with inlets fitted to the ground level. These are what enables the fire service to connect to the water supply and tackle the fire.

Small businesses require dry riser maintenance to ensure that the dry risers are in good working order in case of an emergency. As of 1989, it is the responsibility of the owner or the occupier of the building to ensure that dry riser maintenance is completed, and the dry risers are in optimum working order.

A dry riser maintenance system test for small businesses is designed to simulate the conditions and stresses that would be required should the fire service need to make a similar connection. This is why regular dry riser maintenance and testing in small businesses is recommended at least every 6 months. These tests will ensure vital minutes will not be wasted by trying to use a faulty dry rise system.

During our dry riser maintenance checks we will ensure that the system will transfer water. We will also check that this water can be transferred at a sufficient rate. Checks will be completed to ensure that this can be done without leaks or loss of pressure.

In addition to the static pressure test as part of dry riser maintenance for small businesses, the rest of the system will be checked too. This includes the testing and operation of all inlets and landing valves. The drain valves and door hinges will be checked too, as will the locking arrangements.

As per the BS:9990: 2015 requirements, dry risers need to be tested under pressure annually. A visual inspection of the dry riser then needs to be completed every six months too. Can you remember the last time you had a dry riser maintenance check for your small business? Call us now to book yours.