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How Good Is The Security Of Your Home?

By December 27, 2022No Comments

How Good Is The Security Of Your Home?

Research shows that a burglar is reportedly taking place every 106 seconds, on average, in the UK. This is why it is so important to think about how good the security of your home is. Are you doing everything to protect you home and those within it?

Maybe you feel like you have covered all bases? In which, case have a read of this blog post so you can feel smug that your home is properly protected.

Perhaps you’re concerned about the stats of a burglary every 106 seconds and want to check if there are any ways you can improve the security of your home? This blog is here to help you. Below we share ways that you can ensure your home, belongings and family and safe and secure.

So, let’s see – how good is the security of your home?

Your Entrances

The entrances to your home include your front door, back door, any side doors and windows. These may have endured structural damage or wear and tear over the years. Take the time to check how secure they are and how firmly they shut. If you have a broken locking mechanism, or cracked glass in your entrances, this needs to be repaired as soon as possible as it can make a break-in really.

An intruder alarm is a great idea to increase the security of your entrances. When the home is entered by and intruder, the alarm will sound. You will need to set the intruder alarm when you go out or when you go to bed. This will then protect the home from potential intruders.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting, whether it is permanent, or motion-activated outdoor lighting is a really efficient crime deterrent. Criminals love to work under the cover of darkness. By having a light in dark areas, you will be reducing the places where criminals can hide. A motion-activated light will also make you aware that someone is around your home as it will light up and alert you. Outdoor lighting can also help you on dark evenings and mornings when you are going to work, unlocking the door after a night out or putting out your bins in the early mornings.

Indoor and Outdoor CCTV

Installing an indoor CCTV camera will help you keep an eye on your home day and night. You can also have indoor CCTV with intelligent smart motion sensors. These will be able to detect any movement in your home, as well as the unique heat signature of humans. This will help avoid the risk of pets triggering the CCTV or alarms too. An outdoor CCTV surveillance camera will help you protect the outside of your home too. You’ll be able to see the footage from your mobile device and ensure your home is safe. Just like security lighting, CCTV cameras will also deter potential criminals.


Where do you keep the valuables in your home? By valuables we mean things like jewellery, smart phones, bank cards, handbags and car keys for example. If these items are in windows or by doors, they can be tempting for potential criminals that are passing by. Make sure you store your valuables safely and out of sight.


Looking to enhance the security of your home? Call our home security experts now and we can book you in for a free home security review.