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Fire Safety

Fire Proofing Compartmentation In Small Businesses

By December 25, 2022No Comments

Fire Proofing Compartmentation In Small Businesses

If your small business has a building or part of a building comprising of one of more rooms, spaces or storeys then fire proofing compartmentation must be constructed. This is to prevent the spread of fire from one part of the building to another, or to another building. Fire proofing compartmentation in small businesses is achieved through the provision of fire resting walls and floors. These will commonly offer between around 30 minutes and 2 hours of fire resistance.

When it comes to fire proofing compartmentation in small businesses, it is essential that the wall or floor must remain functional for the duration of the fire resistance period designated. This means that the compartment wall of floor should not crack or develop holes. These cracks or holes could allow flames, smoke and hot gasses to pass through it.

Fire proofing compartmentation in small businesses is required for two main reasons. Firstly, it is needed for life safety. Secondly, it is required for property protection purposes.

Things like escape corridors and stair enclosures along with refuge areas and protected lobbies or firefighting shafts are all fire compartmentation solutions for small business. They are required for life safety purposes and providing safe exits for those within the building. Good fire proofing compartmentation provides those within the building with the additional time to safely evacuate the building.

Fire proofing compartmentation is needed in small businesses for property protection purposes too. It will limit the spread of fire. It will also attempt to contain the fire to the area where it started. This is important for areas such as plant rooms and similar that offer particularly high fire hazards. Well-planned fire proofing compartmentation in a small business can also protect areas of the business where there is high financial or strategic value. This could be an IT suite, server room of storage spaces with valuable goods for example.

Fire proofing compartmentation can be achieved in your small business with fire resisting construction and cavity barriers. It is achieved through dividing cavities at junctions and cavity closures. It can be used to close the edges of cavities and to protect escape routes too.

If you are unsure about the need of fire proofing compartmentation in your business, call our team now. We will happily answer any questions you might have or visit your business premises for a free assessment.